1st Year Free Membership

Yes, you're seeing correct !

Dauphin District Chamber of Commerce is offering to all new members, that never had a membership with the chamber, the chance to connect with the community and its members. This special offer is for the first year only, and then regular membership rates apply.  What are you waiting for, sign up NOW!

A Chamber Membership is ideal for all types of businesses. We can be there for your business every step of the way!
-  Home-base
-  Store fronts
-  Farms
-  Service Based
-  New or old

Joining the Dauphin Chamber is a strategic investment for your business. A research study done by the Schapiro Group demonstrates the value of joining your local chamber:

    •   When a consumer knows a small business is a Chamber member, they are 63% more likely to purchase products or services from it. Consumers infer that Chamber members are more trustworthy, they care more about their customers, are more involved in the community, and they are considered an industry leader.

  •   59% of consumers think joining the local chamber is an effective business strategy.