Your Committees

Get involved and help your Chamber work for you!

The Dauphin & District Chamber of Commerce holds numerous special events and programs throughout the year. These offerings require committees built of Chamber Board Directors and Task Force Members. If you feel you can lend a helping hand with a project, please let us know! 

Committees are the backbone of the Chamber of Commerce. They coordinate the activities of the Chamber, analyze the concerns of the membership and put forward proposed solutions. Committee work allows members to actively participate in and contribute to the Chamber’s programs. It also gives committee members valuable experience so that they can later assume leadership roles within the Chamber.

Ultimately the success of the Chamber’s committees depends on how active they are. 

Board members are encouraged to chair or serve on at least one Committee. There is at least one Chamber staff member or Board member on each committee. 

Our committees focus on key business issues; support the day-to-day operations of the Chamber, members’ services and relations. They provide input into presentations and public comments on issues of strategic importance to the Chamber. These committees are chaired or co-chaired by Board members who report back to the DDCC Board of Directors.



  • Annual Street Fair & Dance 
The committee meets from March until event date at least once a month for 1-2 hours each session. Meetings typically happen over a lunch hour. A majority of the tasks are executed by the Chamber staff but some duties may be assigned to committee members. 
Committee members are also encouraged to assist at the event. 

  • Breakfast & Lunch Series 
This committee develops the Breakfast Education and Lunch Community Series’ that each happen once a month from January to June. Task Force Members and Board Directors will attend the subcommittee meetings which take place from October to December (at least once a month or as need be) and provide suggestion and insight on, but not limited to: topics, presenters, programs, funding, marketing. Committee meetings are typically one hour in length. Some minor duties may be assigned.

  • Moonlight Maddness and Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony
This committee will meet for a couple months on occassion leading up to the ceremony near the end of November. 

  • Election Forums



  • Membership

    To retain and attract members. Increase membership by heightened awareness of Chamber activities and programs. To represent the importance of Chamber membership to the community and to promote the overall mission of the Chamber. Communicate the value of membership, communicate the value of participation, and provide a quality resource guide/Chamber business directory.
    This committee meets as needed throughout the year. 1-3 times for about an hour.

    • Chamber Bucks
    Committee members are to help with how the CHamber Bucks’s are dispersed in the community. Development of promotion (items and events), decide on fundraising groups, control the over all use of CB’s.

    • Advocacy and Resolution Development 
    From time to time broad issues arrise that we can lend a helping hand. The Chamber’s primary role is advocacy. It represents its membership on issues affecting business and the community including: the provincial, federal and municipal budgets, economic development issues, infrastructure and transportation issues, and other areas that affect the members’ ability to grow and prosper. On occasion a committee can be called apon to develop resolutions which we can bring to the Manitoba Chamber's of Commerce AGM in hopes to have them passed and then brought to a provincial level of attention.