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At Parkland Job Opportunity Centre we help job seekers 18 years of age or older, living in the Parkland choose a career, write a resume, look for work and more.  Our services are free of charge and we book by appointment only.

Career Exploration
The career exploration process helps people to explore their career interests.  If you are unsure where you are heading in the future or what type of job you want to pursue, this is the service for you.  In working with an Employment Advisor, you can explore careers through various activities that will help you to identify your skills, interests and abilities to find a job that matches you. 

Job Search
In today’s job market, there are more opportunities than just what you see in the newspaper.  Come in and we can help you with your job search.  Learn how to create a job search list, navigate the Internet for job postings and how to approach employers who aren’t advertising.  Job search activities will assist you to expand your job search.   

Resume Development 
It is important to have a resume that reflects your skills and abilities.  Through meeting one-on-one with an Employment Advisor, we can assist you to create a customized resume. This is a great opportunity to create a resume that reflects what you have to offer to an employer.  We also provide information on what employers are looking for in a resume in our area. 

Interview Preparation
Given the competitive job market of today, “winging it in an interview” is not good enough.  Preparation is the key to a successful interview.  Employment Advisors can provide you with valuable insight and tools to assist you to     preparing for an interview.  We offer tips on researching the position, identifying job related strengths, handling     potential trouble questions, role-playing and mock interviews.  This service will help you have a successful interview and increase your chances of getting the job you want.

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