Breakfast Series - Why Failure Is Crucial To Your Success

Event Date: 01/17/2019 07:00 am - 01/17/2019 08:30 am
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Breakfast Series is all about networking and professional development. This upcoming series kickoff will not sell that short. Mick Lautt is back to deliver another high level, highly engaging Breakfast Series presentation. Mick will give us the insight on why it takes failures as learning experiences to move forward. It takes lessons like this to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to become better and achieve a higher potential. There are a lot of catchy sayings out there that you may have heard like, “Fail fast, fail often.” Mick will go through a breakdown on how we can use our failures to push forward. Skills acquired here are translatable from our everyday lives as well as our professional ones. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of Chamber membership or not.

Want to see more on what Mick will be presenting, catch a radio interview here.

Super 8 Banquet Room 
1457 Main St. S. Dauphin 

January 17th 2019
7am - 8:30am 
Please don't feel you have to come early. 7-7:30 is networking and breakfast. The presentation starts at 7:30. 

Chamber Office 
00 Main St. South Dauphin